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Cobra Krames releases “Bass 2 Death” EP featuring Jah Rocker

We are happy to bring you the new Cobra Krames EP “Bass 2 Death” available at all fine Music Retailers!!

“Bass 2 Death” is Cobra Krames story of dedication to the dark bass. Jah Rocker stars in this thrill ride setting the scene for an all out auditory assault coming to you from a warehouse in the sky. Krames influence from his Brooklyn NYC environment is more apparent than ever thru metal clanking industrial syncopations & oddly tuned sirens used to create this double feature.

The lead single “Bass 2 Death” is a trap infused soundscape with bending sub-bass and tubular bells blaring around Jah Rocker’s fire inducing dancehall vibes. The eery synths create a suspense that at any moment the track could literally fall into pieces. “The Heart Attack” is a self explanatory roller coaster of a festival trap banger. Fog Horns are calling all ravers to arms and big room leads support Jah Rocker’s high energy vocal performance. After hearing “Bass 2 Death” you’ll be asking yourself “Are you ready for The Heart Attack!”

Krames says “Bass 2 Death represents the inspirations I draw upon daily. The sounds of the city infiltrate my minds eye and then release themselves thru the music. Police cars, ambulances and car alarms provide a symphony of leads while factory trucks and construction lend to percussion and bass accompaniment.”

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