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Cobra Krames releases “Bass 2 Death” EP featuring Jah Rocker

We are happy to bring you the new Cobra Krames EP “Bass 2 Death” available at all fine Music Retailers!!

“Bass 2 Death” is Cobra Krames story of dedication to the dark bass. Jah Rocker stars in this thrill ride setting the scene for an all out auditory assault coming to you from a warehouse in the sky. Krames influence from his Brooklyn NYC environment is more apparent than ever thru metal clanking industrial syncopations & oddly tuned sirens used to create this double feature.

The lead single “Bass 2 Death” is a trap infused soundscape with bending sub-bass and tubular bells blaring around Jah Rocker’s fire inducing dancehall vibes. The eery synths create a suspense that at any moment the track could literally fall into pieces. “The Heart Attack” is a self explanatory roller coaster of a festival trap banger. Fog Horns are calling all ravers to arms and big room leads support Jah Rocker’s high energy vocal performance. After hearing “Bass 2 Death” you’ll be asking yourself “Are you ready for The Heart Attack!”

Krames says “Bass 2 Death represents the inspirations I draw upon daily. The sounds of the city infiltrate my minds eye and then release themselves thru the music. Police cars, ambulances and car alarms provide a symphony of leads while factory trucks and construction lend to percussion and bass accompaniment.”

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Contessa Stuto releases “Horny Lil Slut” prod by Cobra Krames

Contessa Stuto releases “Horny Lil Slut” prod by Cobra Krames with quite the video! Check it out below!

“A ringleader of New York nightlife and queen of “Cunt Mafia,” Contessa Stuto has never been one to revel in subtleties. Her latest single, “Horny Lil’ Slut,” is as boisterous as it gets, featuring Contessa earnestly growling, “I’m a horny lil’ slut, and I wanna fuckin’ fuck, fuck a horny lil’ slut,” over a fiery Cobra Krames-produced beat. In the brazen track, Ms. “Donatella Versace Pussy” brings us inside her twisted fantasy, seductively cooing about licking her boots, “daddy’s” VHS porn and hard nipples—casual.

The music video, directed by Rosalina Merrihue and Gabriel Magdaleno, shows Contessa dressed in an amazing lineup of barely-there looks, as she bites on prayer beads, gets tied up in a chair and hitchhikes on the side of a road. Check out our exclusive video premiere and read our interview with Contessa, where we talk about her dreams of being a housewife, our vapid society and sexism in the music industry.” – Justin Moran c/o Bullett




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